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Intake Manifold Spacer

  • Intake Manifold Spacer

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Intake Manifold Spacer Kit

1 Parts

Intake Manifold Spacer Kit
  • Intake Plenum Keeps The Air In The Intake Cooler And Denser
  • CNC-machined From 1/2 in. Phenolic Material
  • Phenolic Material Reduces Heat Transfer
  • Includes New Hardware And Genuine OEM Ford Seals
  • Increases Plenum Volume/Top End/Throttle Response
  • Designed And Made In Corona USA

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Intake Manifold Spacer Kit

3 Parts

Intake Manifold Spacer Kit
  • Fiber Laminate Spacers
  • Provide Heat Insulation Between Upper and Lower
  • Creates Cooler/Denser Charge
  • Raise Intake 0.5in. For More Valve Cover Clearance
  • Includes all Necessary Hardware for Installation

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